Exam Prep and Custom Training

Custom Training
grAVITation TECH develops custom training programs based on customer needs, real market conditions and technology advancements.  Our subject matter experts have the most recent certifications and decades of experience in the fields of AV and IT.  We are a Lean Six Sigma company. As such, during the needs analysis phase, we facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions and use the DMAIC method to develop highly customized and targeted training programs.

At grAVITation TECH, each of our consultants, consulting affiliates and partners has decades of industry experience and top level certifications in their fields.
CTS® Exam Prep (3-Day)
CTS-D® and CTS-I® Exam Prep (5-Day Each)
PMP® Exam Prep (5-Day)
These courses are guided tours of their respective Exam Guides. They are taught by 2010 InfoComm Educator of the Year Max Kopsho. Max has prepared over 800 people for their CTS Exam and his CTS® Prep students have an over 95% pass rate. Join Max as he leads you through the labyrinth of AV tech-talk, project management mumbo-jumbo and design techno-babble. Max will get you right to the meat of the over 500 pages of information. These courses includes a review of the basics and the advance information. During the course, students will develop their own flash cards and "cheat sheets" for self study.
Da Vinci Sales (8 CTS RUs)
The Art and Science of Da Vinci Sales - Moving from Tech to Sales

Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the key founders of AV technology. This course is an exploration of how you can apply the principles developed by one of the most brilliant and creative minds in history.

    7 Keys to Selling Like Leonardo:
        Manage - Measure - Move - Mentor - Motivate - Market - Method

                                                                       Based on the book by Max Kopsho
AV and IT Training and Consulting AV and IT - at the Center of grAVITy
(Customizable Course - 8hrs to 3-Days+)