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Network security is at the top of any IT personís priority list and AV people need to understand the implications of attaching devices to a network more than ever. This course will cover the basics of network security terminology and what the hot areas of concern are from a network administratorís perspective. In this session we build on the previous session and/or allow students who already have a basic understanding in IT security to delve more in depth in the topics concerning AV/IT integration and IT security. Once the basics are covered, we will discuss (in detail) the technologies used in network security management and how they apply to AV as well as in-depth discussions on the protocols involved. The class will cover firewall traversal methods and the use of DMZs, proxies, network address translation and VLANs. We will also cover how to plan and deploy managed network systems in accordance with standard network security practices and regulations.
Intro to IT Security for AV Professionals
Software and Cloud Solutions Impact on AV
Touchscreen Technology and Applications
4K and UHD Technology and Applicaions
This course will cover the basics of network security terminology and what the hot areas of concern are from a network administratorís perspective. The purpose of this course is to give AV sales people and sales engineers a clearer understanding of the security threats and IT administrator and manager has to deal with. The course will is designed to help give a general understanding of the security implications of adding AV devices to an IT network.
This course will cover what the impact Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber have had on traditional room conferencing systems and enterprise communications. With more and more customers looking at unified communications and the goal being enterprise consistency, what is an AV integrator to do? We will explore what the options are for configuration management and a solutions approach to this and other similar software and cloud based unified collaboration and communication systems.
This course will cover the basics of capacitive and resistive touchscreens, multi-touch and single-touch, finger and pen touch, camera and Infra-red sensor, touchscreens. We will also discuss solutions that use hybrid technologies and the importance of quality software. This class will also cover the need to understand the usage model, the environment and application. We will close with a competitive landscape comparison on the top technologies and discuss what the emerging technologies and disruptive technologies are.
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Addressing AV/IT Security

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