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Ask yourself where the next generation of AV/IT professionals will come from. Then ask grAVITation TECH to help you grow your own.

Our Mission:

To help the AV industry survive, grow and wildly succeed by ensuring the next generation of AV professionals are well trained and well prepared for the challenging converging world of AV and IT.

grAVITation Technologies is founded on the principles that a well educated team with clearly defined goals and widely understood processes that are measured accurately and fairly can do anything. grAVITation TECH helps integrators, manufacturers and consulting firms develop and keep such teams.
Why Use grAVITation TECH?
Consulting/Professional Services
Industry Hot Topic Training
There is no formal degree program for AV/IT. Our industry must grow our own successors. We must put in place our own team of qualified, well trained, technologically advanced and business savvy leaders to guide our direction and destiny. If we don’t, our competition will.
Gravity: Gravity rules the universe. It governs the rising and falling of tides, and it holds celestial objects in their orbits.  Without it, everything would dissolve into a gas of randomly interacting atoms. AV and IT are at the center of our technology universe. Are you prepared to manage the combined forces of AV and IT?
AV and IT Training and Consulting AV and IT - at the Center of grAVITy ASK grAVITation TECH to help build your company’s:
Attitude - Skill - Kowledge
grAVITation TECH has some of the top consultants in the AV and IT fields. We are a Lean Six Sigma company. As such, during the needs analysis phase, we facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions and use the DMAIC method to develop highly customized and targeted consulting and professional services needs programs for each of our customers to yield the highest return on their consulting dollar investment.