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Our Mission


To help the AV industry survive, grow and wildly succeed by ensuring the next generation of AV professionals are well trained and well prepared for the challenging converging world of AV and IT. Our focus is on education, development and improvement, grAVITationTechnologies is founded on the principles that a well educated team with clearly defined goals and widely understood processes that are measured accurately and fairly can do anything. grAVITation TECH helps integrators, manufacturers and consulting firms develop and keep such teams. 




grAVITation TECH provides training that is geared toward the needs of the industry, organization and ultimately the customer. We don’t sell any products and therefore we provide completely objective and agnostic training that is focused on solving problems for your customers. Our ultimate goal is to help you to better serve your customers. We will help your team know what they need to know, do what they are supposed to do and believe in the right attitude to get it all done. And when you have the right vendors to complement all of that, you will beat your competition every time.


Custom Training


grAVITation TECH develops custom training programs based on customer needs, real market conditions and technology advancements.  Our subject matter experts have the most recent certifications and decades of experience in the fields of AV and IT.  We are a Lean Six Sigma company. As such, during the needs analysis phase, we facilitate stakeholder engagement sessions and use the DMAIC method to develop highly customized and targeted training programs.